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VentureNEXT welcomes the region's top entrepreneurs, startups, investors, inventors, innovative corporations, community leaders, and economy developers for an amped-up evening of connection, information, and recognition.





Celebrating Innovative Startups in the Central Ohio Region.

VentureNEXT's Startup Awards celebrate companies that offer attention or assets to the Innovation Economy through the successful execution of a scalable business model that is based on an innovative technology.

Biobent Polymers

Enhancing sustainability through intelligent polymer engineering.

Biobent Holdings, LLC (dba Biobent Polymers™) has commercialized a new line of R&D 100 award winning bio-composite polymers which for the first time offers comparable performance to pure petroleum based plastics at highly competitive prices. Biobent Polymers’ products are a revolutionary innovation that replaces up to 40% of the petroleum content in plastics with abundant lower-cost agricultural co-products and does so without degrading material performance. By replacing a large percentage of the petroleum in plastics with low cost renewable resources, Biobent has been able to reduce polymer costs between 3% and 15% for our customers. Price-Performance-Sustainability are the cornerstones of our value proposition.



nChannel provides sellers with the tools to manage multichannel operations with unprecedented ease and flexibility. Our cloud-based application suite connects existing eCommerce, POS, and financial systems while orchestrating sales processes such as product information management, inventory synchronization and order management through a highly agile and intuitive workspace. To gain insight into buyer trends, nChannel also provides valuable business intelligence through a single dashboard that measures company-wide sales performance metrics down to the hour.

Print Syndicate

Create and curate beautiful, well-designed printed products that allow everyone to express their HUMAN identity.

Print Syndicate is a design, marketing and technology company focused on creating timely, well-designed products available through its and e-commerce websites.


Honoring Outstanding Corporate Engagement

Innovation is accelerated in Central Ohio by the many corporate firms in the corporate sector who have gone above and beyond to lend their expertise, time, and connections in ways that can positively impact a startup’s bottom line.

The VentureNEXT Corporate Engagement Award recognizes outstanding Central Ohio-based companies for their above and beyond contributions to the Innovation Economy through the Expert or First Connect Networks.

M/I Homes

M/I Homes is a company that was started by two entrepreneurs right here in Columbus and has grown to one of the largest home builders nationwide. M/I Homes have shared their industry and technical expertise to help entrepreneurs through TechColumbus’ First Connect initiative. Additionally M/I Homes is doing business with one of the entrepreneurial companies they met through First Connect.

It means a lot when a startup can work with a company that’s right in their back yard to gain early customer experience.

QStart Labs

QStart Labs was originally formed as the “tech team” for NCT Ventures. The group improved the success of NCT’s portfolio companies and then realized that they could do the same thing for other startups—and they’ve been doing that with great success ever since.

QStart Labs is an active participant in the Expert Network, a group of outstanding service providers in this region who provide very specific discounted or pro bono services to help the startup get off to the right start as efficiently and economically as possible.

Here’s what the nominating entrepreneur had to say: “QStart freely and generously gave advice, made professional introductions, share their knowledge, and expertise. They have delivered on absolutely every promise. My company would not be where we are today without QStart Labs.”


Students are paving the way to an Innovative Future

VentureNEXT celebrates bright and talented students for their innovative academic achievements.

The VentureNEXT College Awards, sponsored by Bricker & Eckler, and the High School Student Awards nurture and encourage future generations of technology entrepreneurial talent.

VentureNEXT awarded $2,500 in scholarship dollars to two students attending a college or university in the 15 county Central Ohio region.

For the High School Student Awards, two outstanding students received $2,500, placed into a 529 College Savings Account on their behalf.

High School Student Award Winners

Mariah Cox

Mariah Cox is a junior at Zane Trace High School in Chillicothe.

For the last year, she' s been researching the compounds in red and golden raspberries that may have properties that could lower blood pressure or glucose levels in humans.

Mariah is an active member of Future Farmers of America. She travelled to Haiti to help with home construction through Adopt- a- Home. She also finds time to play varsity soccer and coach second grade girls basketball.

Abigail Myers

Abigail Myers is a sophomore at Big Walnut High School in Sunbury. In 2013, Abbie was inducted as a Lifetime Fellow of the American Junior Academy of Science.

She has spent the last four years studying oil spills. She's also dissected a cow's eye at MIT, another step toward her lifetime goal of becoming a trauma surgeon.

Abbie is co-captain of the girls' junior varsity soccer team, serves as president of the Big Walnut 4-H Club, and is active in student government. She recently led a peer-driven effort to encourage more junior high students to engage in the sciences.

College Student Award Winners

Damian Beauchamp

While working on his graduate degree at OSU, Damian Beauchamp co-founded KAir Battery, a clean technology battery company, and raised nearly $120,000 through three business plan competitions.

KAir was one of only 42 teams invited to the Rice Business Plan Competition where they won $100,000 in prize money, made the semi-finals, and took second place in the elevator pitch.

Rosemary Garry

While a freshman, she came up with an idea for a calendar management app, joined the Business Builders Club, and entered the Quick Pitch Competition.

She then changed the company name to Stacker and entered the OSU Business Plan Competition. Her team placed second among undergrads. As one of Rosemary's mentors told us, "As a freshman this is pretty unheard of and the fruits of a lot of hard work.”

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